Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Whilst I know I'm not the only one who insists on fitting 32 hours worth of activities into 24, how come everyone else manages to appear sooo cool, calm and... organised whilst doing it! I barely manage to contain my state of mayhem beneath the thinnest of veneers... and that's on a GOOD day!
Big deep breath...
I should point out, that I take full responsibility for the Kaos that is my life; I do this to myself! "Mum, can I join another basketball team?" "sure", "Mum, can I take up rowing" "why not", "Mum, can I start guitar lessons?" "absolutely honey", "Kate, are you going to enter the corporate cup" "okay"... and that's only a fraction of it. Between Monkey One and Monkey Two there is: basketball teams x 6 (plus training sessions), a netball team, horse riding lessons, guitar lessons, rowing training and school tutoring (to name a few).
Then there's the everyday logistics of work, life, school, and housework (I'm sure my children generate more dirty laundry per kilogram of body weight than any other children on the planet), not to mention my OCD like obsession with having a neat (and clean) house... (sigh)
Soooo in my infinite wisdom I decided to compound this by adding the Corporate rowing challenge to the mix, taking up running again and then volunteering to make cupcakes to raise funds for the cause!!!!!!
Oh well... at least I can never say life is boring!

Fundraiser Cupcakes

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